Habit Control


Works as described

The lock works as it should, and while the app might glitch occasionally, a quick restart does the trick, and the timer updates right away. It's been a game-changer in helping me kick my sweet tooth to the curb.

Jassica C.

Great concept

This fridge lock is a piece of cake to install and super user-friendly. Plus, with its different modes it caters to multiple users with different needs without breaking a sweat.


It's working

Exactly what I need, and it's must have-device for anyone looking to cut back on their drinking, this device makes it incredibly easy to control my binge beer drinking.

Johanna Hayes

Good to use for cabinets with alcohol

This cabinet lock is incredibly useful, especially if you have kids. We've been using it on our liquor cabinet, providing peace of mind that children won't accidentally access alcohol. It's a great way to ensure safety and control access. Highly recommend!

John Angel

Help with Ipad screen time

We can set up a timer and secure the cabinet, keeping gadgets away from kids to limit their screen time.

Max T.

Improves studying

I bought a lock box to curb phone distractions during my son's study time. Within a few months, I've seen a remarkable improvement in his concentration and homework productivity – a valuable investment in reshaping his study habits

Anastasiia H.

Cut down on smoking

Bought this to help my husband cut down on smoking (he goes through two packs a day). The lockbox is a nice-looking, ordinary cigarette case. Despite initial skepticism, it's become an hourly challenge for him, making it a good idea

Gabriel Viar

Effective for habit control

I had a previous timed box, but I broke it during moments of losing control. I opted for a metal box with Habit Control padlock, and it does a great job of keeping me on track.

Terry Vaughan

Lock electronics

Used for a month to store electronics. Ensures kids finish chores before screen time, preventing sneaking. We lock and unlock it daily; it looks and works like new. A game-changer—easy for parents, tamper-proof for kids. Not a thief-proof safe, but ideal for our needs.

Lora Krys

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