Acacia locking box smart device
2-in-1 classic and timer lock
Time lock box for snacks, cookies, candies, cigarettes, electronic devices
Wooden lock box with hinged lid and it's size
Inside and outside dimensions of wood lock box
Key features of smart wooden lock box with app: sharing & tracking access, silent mode, optional auto lock, different access levels, self-control function
Features of acacia wood lock box: magnetically sealed lid, smooth and solid surface, sturdy metal hinges
Timer lock box for bad habit wooden
Small wooden storage for personal belongings

Timer Lock Box with App - Acacia Wood Safe Lockbox Large

$93.00 $79.00

Size: Small

  • WHO IT'S FOR & WHAT IT'S FOR: lock box with timer is for those who struggle with addiction to screens, social media, junk food, candy, cookie, cigarettes, vapes, medicine(medication) and other unhealthy habits. If you want to reconnect with friends, family, and yourself, live in the moment, improve your health, and develop better habits, Habit Control is the solution for you.
  • FREE HABIT CONTROL APP: wood lock box works through a mobile app via BLE network. It's compatible only with IOS and Android phones. Opening range up to 10 meters. Adjust timer up to 10 days max. You have the option to set it to automatically lock itself 5 seconds after opening or to remain unlocked until you manually lock it. The app allows you to track the history of locking and unlocking, and share access via email with different levels of access. Silent mode.
  • MULTIPLE WORKING MODES: time delay lock container offers two timer modes. The first mode allows overrides, making it ideal for shared use or improving willpower. The second mode has no override, for self-discipline. Moreover, it can be used as a traditional lock, adding an extra layer of convenience to your daily routine.
  • MATERIAL & SIZE: timed locked box is crafted from acacia wood with a smooth finish. It measures 11,5'' in length, 8,5'' in width, and 5,5'' in height. Interior space measures 10.75 x 7.75 x 4,75 inches, offering generous storage capacity. Equipped with strong metal hinges, a magnetically sealed lid, steel latch, and an intelligent lock, this snack locker ensures secure and reliable functionality.
  • WARNINGS: 1) The time box doesn't open on it's own after the timer is up; you still need any compatible smartphone to access your lockable storage. You can open the box with any IOS or Android phone, just log in Habit Control application and open the device. 2) Don’t put into the freezer or microwave 3) Don't make wet the lock mechanism.
  • Disposable Battery: CR123A, 3V, 1400 mAh battery for our time release lock container you can buy and easily replace. You will be notified about low battery level in app.


Smart lock box

This box offers ample space, durability, and a user-friendly app lock. I enjoy the satisfying mechanical whirring sound upon unlocking. Most importantly, it allows me to set the lock for up to 10 days, an incredible aid for habit control.

Jassica Monro

An incredibly effective tool for managing and reducing consumption. Offers various timer modes tailored for different purposes.

Kris Tangue

One of a kind

No other product on the market compares to this. It's stylish and gets the job done.

Katerina Alva
How to Stop Gaming Addiction
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