Habit Control app controlled lock for cabinets and drawers with timer
How Habit Control works
Habit Control lock integrated into drawer to serve as electronics lock box
The list of addictive products which can be locked with Habit Control lock to limit consumption
Two ways to install Habit Control lock into cabinet, drawer or wooden box. Tape or Screws

Bluetooth Time Lock for Self-Control, Lockbox for Liquor Cabinets & Drawers


GAME-CHANGING HABIT-FORMING TOOL: A 2-in-1 timer and regular lock designed for simplicity and versatility. This innovative device offers two timer modes. The first mode allows overrides, making it ideal for shared use or improving willpower. The second mode has no override, for self-discipline. Moreover, it can be used as a traditional lock, adding an extra layer of convenience to your daily routine.

COMPATIBLE DEVICES & ADDITIONAL FEATURES: Habit Control BLE smart lock works with iPhones and Android phones. It can open from a distance of up to 10 meters. 366 days max setting time. You get to decide if it automatically locks itself 5 seconds after you open it or if it stays unlocked, just the way you like it. IMPORTANT NOTE: The lock doesn't open on it's own after the timer is up; you still need any compatible smartphone to access your lockable timer storage.

HIGH SUITABILITY: Our invisible lock can be installed on various furniture types at home, office (workplace), or school, including cabinets (swing, sliding), drawers, or wooden boxes. You can use it as a time lock box during family time to lock cell phones, tablets(Ipad), laptops, game consoles, and other distractions, limiting screen time and encouraging presence at the family table. TIP: Check suitable & unsuitable furniture types video. 

TWO WAYS TO ATTACH THE LOCK: Our stealth time controlled lock can be installed inside your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom furniture on super strong double sided tape(no drilling, no additional tools), so your furniture will save its authentic look. Alternatively, for added security, you can attach pantry lock with screws. Please check our video manuals how to install timed locker on a specific furniture types. Note: Don't install the lock on microwave(min. 4 feet from microwave).

WHO IT'S FOR & WHAT IT'S FOR: WHO IT'S FOR & WHAT IT'S FOR: This is for those who struggle with addiction to cellphones, screens, social media, junk food, sweets, cookies, alcohol(liquor, beer, wine, etc.), cigarettes, and other unhealthy habits. If you want to reconnect with friends, family, and yourself, live in the moment, improve your health, and develop better habits, this is the solution for you.

Disposable Battery: CR123A, 3V, 1400 mAh battery for our lock you can buy and easily replace. You will be notified about low battery level in app.

ABOUT US: Company located in Florida. Electronic time release deadbolt lock made in China, app - in USA. PATENT PENDING!

Game-Changer in Breaking Habits

Habit Control universal lock features three working modes one timer with overrides for shared use, the other without for self-control, also can be used as a traditional lock( not timer) Habit Control universal lock features three working modes one timer with overrides for shared use, the other without for self-control, also can be used as a traditional lock( not timer)

Keep Different Temptations Out Of Reach

Medicines are locked up in the kitchen cabinet equipped with a Habit Control timer lock to limit prescription medication consumption.

Medicine Lock Box

Keep medicines out of reach for kids and help control addictions to prescription medications, such as pain pills or sleeping pills. Use Habit Control smart lock to keep medicine unreachable for kids.

Habit Control lock with timer can be installed on your kitchen cabinet to serve as a snack lock box to reduce junk food intake.

Snack Lock Box

Control your own snacking habits by placing temptations in the lock box, pressing the self-control button, and setting a timer. Even you won't be able to access the items until the time has passed. Also you can just locked(without timer) sweets, chips, soda etc. to reduce your dearest people's intake.

Our lock can be attached on your kitchen cabinet to serve as a liquor lock box to limit late night drinking or keep kids our of alcohol

Liquor Lock Box

Limit your loved ones' temptation to drink and prevent accidental alcohol consumption by teens. Decrease your own alcohol intake with the self-control feature.

Habit Control App's Additional Features

  • Track locking/unlocking history.
  • Share your lock's access with anyone via email from anywhere.
  • Also you can give admin access(almost full, except the possibility to delete the lock from the system, it can do only owner) or guest access(only allows you to open a regular lock, timer lock is unavailable for guest).
  • Silent/sound mode.
  • Auto-lock after opening(optional)

Installs on various furniture types

Places in your home where the Habit Control smart lock can be installed. Places in your home where the Habit Control smart lock can be installed.
suitable and unsuitable furniture types suitable and unsuitable furniture types

Battery & Construction

Habit Control lock's battery capacity and construction High quality ABS material and durable construction metal deadbolt latch


What should I do if I lock my phone in a cabinet or drawer equipped with Habit Control lock?

Our smart lock doesn't open on its own; to access your storage, you still need a smartphone. All you need to do is open the Habit Control app on any other phone, sign in to your account, and open the box.

Can I open the box with a tablet or laptop?

No. Unfortunately, at the moment the app is only designed for phones.

Can I add time before the counter reaches zero?

It depends on whether you set the timer with the self-control feature enabled or not. If you turn it on, you can't add time; if it's off, you can turn off the timer and reset it to the desired time.

Can I override the Habit Control timer when it's locked?

Our timer can be set with the self-control feature turned on or off. This means that you can set the timer for someone else and still have the ability to unlock the lock, or you can set it for yourself for self-control.

What can I do if the application isn't working as expected?

We're sorry for any trouble with the app. Give restarting the app or your phone a shot, as it often does the trick. If the problem hangs around, try refreshing the Bluetooth connection. Need more help? Reach out to our friendly support team.


Works as described

The lock works as it should, and while the app might glitch occasionally, a quick restart does the trick, and the timer updates right away. It's been a game-changer in helping me kick my sweet tooth to the curb.

Jassica C.

Great idea

This device offers a straightforward yet powerful way to manage my impulse snacking and avoid overeating. Recommend...

Cassie Anderson

Good to use for cabinets with alcohol

This cabinet lock is incredibly useful, especially if you have kids. We've been using it on our liquor cabinet, providing peace of mind that children won't accidentally access alcohol. It's a great way to ensure safety and control access. Highly recommend!

John Angel

Help with Ipad screen time

We can set up a timer and secure the cabinet, keeping gadgets away from kids to limit their screen time.

Max T.
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