About Us

Hi, I’m Vlas, founder of the business start-up Habit Control, based in Florida, USA. Let me share a few words about how this project got started…

A few years ago, I got into the routine of drinking alcohol pretty much every evening. It was entertaining and relaxing, and soon, it became a habit. If I had alcohol at home, the chances of me drinking it were very high. I wouldn’t say it was an addiction per se, but there was something that didn't feel good about it, so let's just call it, a “bad habit”.

I was not completely in control of this “bad habit”, and whilst I still wanted to enjoy having alcohol, I really needed a way to control exactly WHEN I had it. Then an idea came to me, why not create something that would help me discipline myself? And so, my product Habit Control was born.

And I can tell you, IT WORKS!

Many people who experience addiction are surprised at how difficult quitting something can be. Some even say that addiction is inescapable but in fact, more people succeed at beating their addiction than fail when they have the right support.

You can start changing your life for the better today with the support of Habit Control devices. They are designed especially help you become more disciplined and organized with your habits.

You’ll even be able to quit your addictions: video games, phone time, alcohol, sweets, cigarettes, cannabis, etc. Habit Control can even be used for other things like keeping medicine away from your kids or controlling access to important documents in your office.

There are many ways Habit Control products can help you. I invite you to check out our blog for ideas. Perhaps you’ll even find a new way to use Habit Control, who knows?

One thing’s for sure, every day, our team at Habit Control is working on creating new products and upgrading current ones to make everyones lives easier, more productive and more comfortable.