Smart timed fridge lock
Describes how Habit Control lock works
Three working modes. Timer with overrides, timer without overrides and traditional lock
Habit Control fridge lock to reduce binge eating
Key features of timed fridge lock: app controlled, silent mode, in app low battery warning
App controlled lock suitable for cabinets, drawers, refrigerators(fridges)
Habit Control lock attached to the fridge to limit consumption of alcohol, junk food, snacks, soda etc.
Two installation methods. Double sided tape and screws

Smart Refrigerator Lock with Timer for Adults


GAME-CHANGING HABIT-FORMING TOOL: Tired of late-night snacking? Seeking a solution for overcoming binge eating? Habit Control is a solution. Our device offers two timer modes. The first mode allows overrides, making it ideal for shared use or improving willpower. The second mode has no override, for self-discipline and curbing addictions(temptations). Moreover, it can be used as a traditional lock, adding an extra layer of convenience to your daily routine.

COMPATIBLE DEVICES & ADDITIONAL FEATURES: Habit Control BLE smart lock works with iPhones and Android phones. Opening range up to 10 meters. 10 days max. setting time. You get to decide if it automatically locks itself 5 seconds after you open it or if it stays unlocked, just the way you like it. Please note that time delay lock does not open automatically on its own after the timer expires; you'll still need a compatible smartphone to access your time release lockable storage.

SATISFIED DIFFERENT NEEDS SIMULTANEOUSLY: The lockbox device features sharing with different access levels(different functionality). You can set timer to control access - useful for those wanting to eat less. For users with different needs, an override option allows instant fridge access, bypassing the timer. This ensures flexibility and convenience for diverse dietary preferences and lifestyles.

EXTENSIVE COMPATIBILITY: App-controlled electronic refrigerator lock is versatile, fitting single door or side by side refrigerators(french door), freezers, double-door cabinets, drawers, pantries, and cupboards. To limit consumption of junk food, sugar treats, chocolate, snack, candies or  beverage(soda, energy drinks, beer, liquors, wine, alcohol), and encourage mindful eating and overcome food addiction. Easy to install on a wide range of furniture types, it's also designed to enhance child safety(safe) throughout your home. Also it could be useful for family time to reduce screen time by locking all addictive devices such as cell phones(cellphone), tablets(Ipad), TV, game consoles etc.

INSTALLATION METHODS: Our kitchen timed fridge lock can be easily installed without the need for drilling or screws. Due to adhesive installation time locking device latch won't cause any damage to your furniture and leaves no residue when removed. For added security, you have the option to attach the locker using screws. For effortless removal, you can use a hairdryer to gently heat the adhesive. Note: Don't install the lock on microwave(min. 4 feet from microwave).

Disposable Battery: CR123A, 3V, 1400 mAh battery for our lock you can buy and easily replace. You will be notified about low battery level in app.

About Us: Company located in Florida. Lock made in China, app - in USA. PATENT PENDING!

Versatile Fridge Lock

Habit Control app controlled fridge lock features two timer modes, one with overrides for shared use, the other without for self-discipline. Also can be used as a classic lock(not timer). Habit Control app controlled fridge lock features two timer modes, one with overrides for shared use, the other without for self-discipline. Also can be used as a classic lock(not timer).

Habit Control App's Additional Features

  • Track locking/unlocking history.
  • Share your lock's access with anyone via email from anywhere.
  • Also you can give admin access(almost full, except the possibility to delete the lock from the system, it can do only owner) or guest access(only allows you to open a regular lock, timer lock is unavailable for guest).
  • Silent/sound mode.
  • Auto-lock after opening(optional).

Installs on various furniture, including refrigerators

Areas in your home where the Habit Control smart lock can be installed. Areas in your home where the Habit Control smart lock can be installed.

Battery & Construction

High quality ABS material and durable construction metal deadbolt latch High quality ABS material and durable construction metal deadbolt latch

Scratching Protection

Rubberized steel wire Rubberized steel wire
Additional scratch protection Additional scratch protection


What should I do if I lock my phone in a cabinet or drawer equipped with Habit Control lock?

Our smart lock doesn't open on its own; to access your storage, you still need a smartphone. All you need to do is open the Habit Control app on any other phone, sign in to your account, and open the box.

Can I open the box with a tablet or laptop?

No. Unfortunately, at the moment the app is only designed for phones.

Can I add time before the counter reaches zero?

It depends on whether you set the timer with the self-control feature enabled or not. If you turn it on, you can't add time; if it's off, you can turn off the timer and reset it to the desired time.

Can I override the Habit Control timer when it's locked?

Our timer can be set with the self-control feature turned on or off. This means that you can set the timer for someone else and still have the ability to unlock the lock, or you can set it for yourself for self-control.

What can I do if the application isn't working as expected?

We're sorry for any trouble with the app. Give restarting the app or your phone a shot, as it often does the trick. If the problem hangs around, try refreshing the Bluetooth connection. Need more help? Reach out to our friendly support team.


Great concept

This fridge lock is a piece of cake to install and super user-friendly. Plus, with its different modes it caters to multiple users with different needs without breaking a sweat.


I've never come across a device like this online. I've been trying to cut off my eating after 6 pm, and it's been a real challenge. But not anymore, thanks to this magical tool

Bruce Fellrath

It's working

Exactly what I need, and it's must have-device for anyone looking to cut back on their drinking, this device makes it incredibly easy to control my binge beer drinking.

Johanna Hayes
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