Clear lock box with combination lock on white background
Black lock box with 3 digit lock on white background
Shows key features, dimensions and volume of Habit Control lockable plastic safe.
Our lock boxes are stackable what helps to safe space
Lock box made of safe plastic and can be used as refrigerator lock box.
Our device helps students to concentrate on studying.
A clear lockbox placed on the table, filled with medicines. A great way to securely store medicines away from children.
The whole family enjoys quality time together while all electronics are locked away in Habit Control lock box
Box comes disassembled and it takes up to two minutes to get it done.
How to set a new password. Open the box using default code 000 than switch the lever from A to B, set a new password and switch the lever from B to A to finish
Lock box is not a strongbox, using force will cause a damage.
Habit Control Combination Lock Box's Assembling

Refrigerator Lock Box with Combination Lock for Food, Snacks and Medicines Storage (Clear or Black)


Color: Black



  • Habit Control lockable storage box with a 3-digit lock - best way to keep your items out of reach. Easy to clean and use, non-toxic, cold resistant, perfect size and big capacity to be used in homes, offices, schools and more. IMPORTANT! Lock box with a lock is not a strongbox! It is not intended for totally safe saving of money, valuables, weapons etc. It can be broken if use force.
  • Wide application: It can be used as a locked medicine box for prescription medicine and drugs. You don’t want your child to eat much of chocolate? Our locking storage box will be perfect as a fridge lock box, where you can keep food, snacks and beverages. Our locked storage boxes can also be used like students cell phone storage. Such action will make students more concentrated on getting knowledge and will exclude distraction from class work.
  • Simple to use: Our Habit Control medical locking box is foldable and so easy to put together. Just place your items inside, set the code on the combination lock box and place it in drawer, closet, refrigerator etc. You will get it disassembled, but it is so simple to get it done and ready to use.
  • Perfect size: Dimensions: 11.9*9.3*7.6 inches(including lock mechanism), 3,6 gallon. Medicine lock boxes are stackable, you can put one box on another. Lockable boxes are made of plastic with zinc alloy. High and low temperature resistant (-30-140*C, cannot be used in microwave oven).
  • Air holes / charger holes: provided with two holes around the box sides to keep items from getting stinky and damp. Also is very convenient to charge your electronics without taking it out from box.


Perfect just what I needed to secure my beverages at the office.

Luis Pillay

Lock electronics

Used for a month to store electronics. Ensures kids finish chores before screen time, preventing sneaking. We lock and unlock it daily; it looks and works like new. A game-changer—easy for parents, tamper-proof for kids. Not a thief-proof safe, but ideal for our needs.

Lora Krys
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