Bamboo wood timed lock box app controlled on white background
Habit Control Wooden Lock Box works with iOS and Android phones and can be a regular lock box to lock your items or habit forming tool to limit consumption of junk food, snacks, electronics, video games ets.
Mobile phone operated wood lock box
Timer & Regular lock, thick solid steel latch, bamboo material
1 year or 1000 unlocking times battery life and in app low battery warning
App controlled wooden lock box's key features
Due to working thought mobile app users can share lock's access with different levels and track access history

Time Lock Box with App, Locking Container for Snack, Tablets, Video Games

  • App Controlled: Lockable storage box features a smart lock that works through a mobile app via BLE network. Opening range up to 10 meters. 10 days max setting time. You get to decide if it automatically locks itself 5 seconds after you open it or if it stays unlocked, just the way you like it. Habit Control App available on IOS and Android phones only and gives you a possibility to see locking/unlocking history and sharing access via email with different access levels. 
  • 2 in 1: Our wooden box with lock serves a dual purpose as both a storage with a regular lock and with a timer lock. You can use it as a lockbox, simply to secure store dangerous products away of kids and in addition as a habit forming tool to reduce your consumption of snack(junk food), medication, smocking products etc. by using it as a time lock box.
  • Material & Size: Timed lock box made of premium, durable and natural bamboo wood with smooth finish. Large box's inside space: 10,25 x 7,1 x 4 inch. Equipped with strong metal hinges, magnetically sealed lid, steel latch and intelligent lock.
  • Unique Gift Idea: Our time delay lock safe would make a cool birthday gift for men or women, boyfriend or girlfriend, wife or husband, best friend or anyone you believe deserve this exclusive timer box. PATENT PENDING!
  • Warnings: 1) The lock doesn't open on it's own after the timer is up; you still need any compatible smartphone to access your lockable storage. You can open the box with any IOS or Android phone, just log in Habit Control application and open the device. 2) Don’t put into the freezer. 3) Don't make wet the lock mechanism. 
  • Disposable Battery: CR123A, 3V, 1400 mAh battery for our time release lock container you can buy and easily replace. You will be notified about low battery level in app.


App timer lock

This box is spacious, durable, and features a cool, easy-to-use app lock. I love the satisfying mechanical whirring sound when unlocking. Crucially, I can set the lock for up to 10 days—an amazing tool for habit control.

Jas Smith

Grateful for this

This lockbox works as described, and it's been effective! Dealing with ADHD, I've used dexamphetamine for years. During lockdowns, my usage became problematic. Searching for moderation, I've finally found the perfect solution with this box. Grateful for it!

Kee Rain
How to Stop Gaming Addiction
In this digital age, video game allure can turn into addiction with profound life consequences. Explore the impact and effective solutions for gaming addiction. Learn about Habit Control, a powerful tool to set timers and promote healthier habits. Break free with our one-of-a-kind solution