Habit Control Timed Cigarette Case on white background
The timed cigarette dispenser features an LED display that indicates when the time is up and includes a low-power indicator. Take a closer look at all the buttons and their functions.
The silver cigarette case features a low battery reminder, a long-life rechargeable battery, and two working modes: auto-cycle or single lock.
Shows how to turn on/off the Habit Control lockbox. Press and hold the 'Set' and '-' buttons for 5 seconds.
Shows how your smoking habit can be reduced with our timer lock box.
Cigarette lockbox with a timer holds 20 king-size cigarettes and is made of ABS material covered with a thin metal layer

Timed Cigarette Dispenser Case to Reduce & Quit Smoking Addiction

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  • A CLEVER SOLUTION TO QUIT SMOKING: Secure your cigarettes in this specially designed case, an effective strategy to reduce your smoking frequency. The timed lock feature adds an extra layer of control over your habit, assisting you in safeguarding not only your health, but also the well-being of those around you. It's more than a box, it's the key to a healthier future.
  • USER-FRIENDLY: Equipped with two locking modes - M1 and M2. The M1 auto-cycle mode ensures the box locks automatically every time you close the lid after setting the timer. M2 is designed for single lock use. For a clearer understanding, refer to our video instructions. This is not just a product, it's a tool for a healthier you.
  • CAPACITY AND VERSATILITY: This electronic cigarette case comfortably accommodates a pack of 20pcs 85mm/3.35in. King Size (short) cigarettes, allowing you to insert an original pack directly, for convenience and time-saving. But it's not just for cigarettes - you can also securely store medicines, snacks, and more. It's more than a case, it's a versatile solution for safekeeping and self-discipline.
  • MATERIAL & DESIGN: Habit Control cigarette timer case is not entirely made from metal; it's made from ABS and only covered with a thin layer of metal. Applying force may cause damage. Boasts a super lightweight design at only 76g/2.68oz. Its handy magnetic lid ensures ease of use. And when the timer isn't needed, the case effortlessly doubles as a stylish cigarette holder. It's not just a product—it's a multifunctional accessory designed with your convenience in mind.
  • MASTER YOUR HABITS: Our portable, small lock box with timer is designed to help you take control of and conquer unwanted habits. This innovative device makes an excellent gift for anyone you care about, demonstrating your support as they embark on their journey to stop smoking. It's not just a gift, it's an investment in their health and well-being.

How to start using locking cigarette case with timer:
1. Open the timer lock box, put cigarettes in and close the lid.
2. Press and hold the set and minus buttons together for 5 seconds to set to turn on/off.
3. Two different modes, to set the mode press set button, to change the mode press "+" or "-" button.
4. M1 - auto-cycle mode, after setting the timer the box will be locked automatically every time close the lid.
5. M2 - single lock.
6. Press set button to confirm the mode.
7. Press "+" or "-" to adjusting minutes. Then press "Set".
8. Press "+" or "-" to adjusting hours. Then press "Set"
9. After you set the timer , open & close the lid. It will be countdown for 5 seconds.
10. After that it will be locked for chosen amount of time.

Habit Control timed lock box mini helps drivers to smoke less. Habit Control timed lock box mini helps drivers to smoke less.

A must have product for any driver who smokes a lot!

Habit Control cigarette case with timer helps to focus on studying. Habit Control cigarette case with timer helps to focus on studying.


Preventing access

This is a clever and effective solution. The timer is simple to set, and the door stays locked until the time is up, preventing access to my cigarettes until then.

Dena Ro

Cut down on smoking

Bought this to help my husband cut down on smoking (he goes through two packs a day). The lockbox is a nice-looking, ordinary cigarette case. Despite initial skepticism, it's become an hourly challenge for him, making it a good idea

Gabriel Viar

Snack lock box

It works very well and does what is advertised. Although I am not a smoker, I do have a snacking problem. I lock the key to the snack cabinet away, and then, when I am supposed to be eating a snack, the box will let me have the key.

Billy M
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