Habit Control White Cell Phone Lock Box with a Timer to stop phone addiction on a white background
Key Features of Timer Phone Lock Box: Portable, light weight only 7.7 oz., long standby, 2.5 hours charging time, features sound & silent modes
Habit Control time lock box features backlight screen, type C & lighting charging ports, hole to charge your phone while it locked inside the box, removable cover for answering calls, lanyard hole, physical buttons to open & control the device
Lockable storage box with timer fits more phone models with its big inside space 6,63 x 3,36 x 0,63 inch.
Men and women are able to work without distractions when their phones are locked up in our cell phone jails, helping them stay focused.
Family enjoy parent-child time, instead of sticking into the phones thanks to Habit Control phone lock box with a timer
Family sleeping instead of sticking into phones due to Habit Control phone locking boxes
Green cell phone timer lock box on white background
Yellow cell phone locking box with a timer on white background
Blue cell phone lockable box on white background

Cell Phone Lockable Box with Timer for Self-Control

$33.99 $24.99

Color: White

  • A Perfect Habit Forming Product: Is it difficult to control using your phone even without a need? We know that it is true. Our timed lock box for phones was made to help you. Keeping your phone in smart lock box for phone can make you be more free from unnecessary usage of cell phone and become more concentrated on work, study and important life moments.
  • Fits Most Phones: Our phone jail lockbox with timer is compatible with iPhone 14/14 Pro/14 Pro Max/13/13 Pro/13Pro Max/12/11/X/XR/XS/8/7/6 plus, Samsung, Motorola, Huawei etc. The internal size of the timer locking container is 215mm*95mm*24mm. Inside size is 168.5mm*85.5mm*16mm. Important: will fit phone with thin and small cases.
  • Focus Like Never Before: Timer locked container body fully close up your phone's screen, so you won't take notice to the notifications. But our smartphone safe with a timer features removable window so you can answer or reject the call.
  • Portable and Handy Design: Small and lightweight (220g) timer locking box perfectly fits to carry in your bag or kid's backpack. Portable timer lock box for phones has modern and laconic design.
  • Long Standby: You can set the timer of small timing lock box up to 24 hours, the standby time can reach up to 30 days. 
  • Features two charging ports: Habit Control lockbox for phone comes without charging cable. Type C & lighting charging ports. Cellphone lock box can be easily charged with your phone's charging cable.

Key Features

Habit Control timed lock box for phones is lightweight and portable, it can easily fit in your pocket or handbag.

Portable & Handy Design

Weights only 220 grams and fits easily in your bag or pocket.

Our timer box features a cable slot, allowing you to charge your phone while it's locked.

Lock & Charge Simultaneously

No need to worry about your phone running out of power while it's locked.

The lock box doesn't come with a charging cord but has both lightning and Type-C charging ports, making it compatible with your phone's cable.

Long Standby

Charges approx 2,5 hours, works up to 60 days. Type C & Lighting charging ports. Type C cable is included. Please charge the battery in advance if the box will be not used for a long time.

Time lock box for cell phones features a removable window on its front and provides the possibility to answer calls.

Removable rubber to answer calling

You can fully focus on work but still be in touch.

The Habit Control phone lock box includes a silent mode feature.

Sound & Silent Modes

Press the "Set & Lock" button for 5 times to access the mode setting. Press Up or Down arrow button to select mode: EE:ON is sound mode, EE:FF is silent mode.

The cell phone jail box can be unlocked for emergencies up to five times during its lifetime.

Unique Gift Idea for Any Occasion.

How cell phone lock box work.

Step 1

Second Step: Close the Lid and Press the Set & Lock Button to Begin Setting the Timer

Step 2

Step 3: Press and Hold the Set & Lock Button Until the Timer Initiates an 8-Second Countdown

Step 3


Improves studying

I bought a lock box to curb phone distractions during my son's study time. Within a few months, I've seen a remarkable improvement in his concentration and homework productivity – a valuable investment in reshaping his study habits

Anastasiia H.

Handy for undisturbed moments like suppertime or when assisting with kids' school work. Also useful at bedtime to avoid late-night calls. Convenient during cooking with dirty hands. Perfect for limiting phone time during homework for children or teens

Andrew Brown

Cut down on screen time

Bought it for my wife, who definitely has scrolling addiction. Now I’m happy and she is not so)

Darvin S.
How to Stop Gaming Addiction
In this digital age, video game allure can turn into addiction with profound life consequences. Explore the impact and effective solutions for gaming addiction. Learn about Habit Control, a powerful tool to set timers and promote healthier habits. Break free with our one-of-a-kind solution