How to Stop Smoking Weed Everyday?

When you make the decision to buy weed, perhaps you find yourself thinking “this time I won’t smoke as frequently as before”. Then, once you’ve bought it, everything repeats again - you smoke frequently, at any time you choose. What does this mean? Your to-do list, which you really must do today, ends up being rescheduled again and again. Sound familiar?

Lock Box with a Timer

Easy way to cut your weed intake. Just put your weed inside a box and set a timer for some time and it will not bother you till the timer runs out. Check out our first-time use video guide.

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Use Your Cell Phone to Control the Lock

The device is fully app-controlled. We continuously improve the application and add new features, so it will keep getting better and better. Your own lock can also receive new features that are supported by your version of the lock.

Check out Habit Control app manual.

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Large acacia wood lock box with smart lock Large acacia wood lock box with smart lock

Make your Staff Private from Others

You and others with permission can open a Habit Control box. What's inside stays private from anyone else.

Reduce Your Tolerance to Weed

You can reduce your tolerance by taking breaks of one or more days between smoking cannabis. This will also decrease your risk of becoming dependent on cannabis and lower your risk of experiencing both health and psychologically-related problems. The bonus of taking a break is that you will need less cannabis to get stoned on the days that you do smoke.

Improve Your Productivity

Many individuals report significant improvements in productivity after reducing or quitting their daily weed consumption.

Easy Way to Stop Smoking Weed Everyday

Habit Control lock box is a special device, designed especially for people who want to quit smoking weed but don’t have a sufficient level of discipline to say no when “it” is waiting for them in the next room.

Imagine if you could lock away the one thing that makes it difficult to focus on your work or your life. Imagine if you could then keep that thing locked away for a certain period of time and that you could choose when your next opportunity to open it should be. Let us tell you how this feels… Amazing! You’ll be able to completely forget about “it”. “It” will actually stop bothering you! You will feel free from your weed calling you to make a joint right now! Once you have your marijuana safely locked away, with the timer set, it's up to you what you choose to do with your day. Get productive, finish that project, do your chores. We guarantee that you can stop smoking weed every day and that Habit Control will finally give you a chance to focus on your life again.

Two Types of Lock

You can use timer lock to help you to stop smoking weed everyday or regular lock just to lock it from others. You choose which to use today.



The Habit Control lock box has been instrumental in helping me reduce my weed intake. With its app-controlled timer, I can limit access to my stash, allowing me to stick to my goals and cut back on usage. Highly recommend!

Ben Robertson

Reduce my intake

This wooden time lock box is the perfect solution for managing my weed consumption. By setting specific time limits using the app, I've been able to create healthier habits and reduce my intake significantly. Love it!

Lori Walker

Incredible tool for moderation!

I've struggled with controlling my marijuana intake for years, but the Habit Control lockbox has been a game-changer. Make it easy to stick to my limits, ultimately helping me cut back and regain control over my usage. Couldn't be happier with the results!

Brittany Bolin

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