Habit Control Lockbox Timer - Reduce Screen Time, Snacks and Other Temptations

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SHAPE BETTER HABITS: Changing habits takes willpower, but we all struggle sometimes. Habit Control timed lockbox locks and won't open until the timer ends. With up to 12 days, it's your motivation to beat addictions and build a happier life.

2 in 1: Our kitchen lock box serves a dual purpose as both storage with a combo lock and a timer lock. You can use it as a lockedbox to securely store tempting & dangerous products away from kids and as a habit-forming tool to reduce your consumption of food, snacks (junk food), medication and beer by utilizing it as a time lock box. Additionally, you can limit your tablet, gadget, cellphone screen time and reduce gaming addiction.

Large Locker Box: Our clear plastic lock box boasts a roomy design that perfectly fits school cabinet shelves, as well as various settings like your home, kitchen, bedroom, office, and clinic. It measures 11.9 x 9.3 x 7.6 inches externally, providing a 3.6-gallon capacity. What's more, the included Charging Slot not only lets you charge your phones while they're safely locked away, but it also ensures steady airflow to keep food fresher in jars.

Material and Battery Excellence: Time locking container operated by 2 AA dry batteries, this time release safe offers an extended standby time. Made from robust medical-grade plastic, the transparent food jail ensures durability while providing an economical option to customers. Its simple assembly makes installation a breeze. However, it's important to note that if you attempt to forcibly pry it open with a tool, the product may become open and damaged.

Effortless Stacking: Habit Control Clear Locking Box for electronic devices is designed with grooves on its body to ensure secure stacking. The robust lid-body construction allows these bins to stack seamlessly, maximizing space utilization and maintaining impeccable organization within your cupboard or cabinet.

How to Stop Gaming Addiction
In this digital age, video game allure can turn into addiction with profound life consequences. Explore the impact and effective solutions for gaming addiction. Learn about Habit Control, a powerful tool to set timers and promote healthier habits. Break free with our one-of-a-kind solution